Our legendary Airsoft-team „The Overlords“ was foundet in fall 2004 and consists of a core group of 11 active members until today. Incomparable solidarity, team spirit and BBs running through our veins represent just a few characteristics that predistine us for marching off, to experience new adventures, discover foreign playing fields and make new friends.

Our roots lay in the section of CQB, but we also feel comfortable in densely wooded regions as well as steppe-like areas. The main tasks of our team on major events is operating in special-, interrupting- and reconaissance missions. The glorious existance of our unique team is not influenced by political motivation or paramilitary intentions at all.


Did a US Airsoft Company Break the Law? (Di, 21 Nov 2017)
Did Valken violate patent law by importing a clone of the Odin M12 Speedloader? Airsoftology Webstore: http://airsoftology.com/store Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subAirsoftology Tippmann Mail Call: Did Valken violate patent law by importing a clone of the Odin M12 Speedloader? Valkin Speedloader MAX 1000 Product Page (Not found – Taken down since this video went live) http://www.valken.com/BB-Speed-Loader-Max-Reloader-1000-rounds Odin’s Patent …
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Firesupport Winners up to 15th of January 2020 (Thu, 16 Jan 2020)
These are the lucky bastards of the Firesupport 3500GBP giveaway Firesupport News Jan £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2020 Winners to Day 15 Day 1 Clarke Anderson – 5 bags Excel bbs Day 2 Angelo georgiou – 2 x ICS M4 magazines Day 3 Iwan Evans – ICS MP5 A4 AEG Day 4 Brad Tapper – ICS XFG Gas […]
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